Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Loving Memory of Grandma Thomas

I am a little behind on this.

My dear grandmother passed away on Saturday, August 8th at 6:35 pm. She was 89 years old.

It started on Monday, the 3rd. I got a call at work and she had a stroke that morning. I spent most of the morning with her at the hospital until she was transferred into a room. That Thursday she was taken to Willow Tree. The room was stale and unfriendly. Grandma didn't seem to be doing in better. I got a call Friday morning from my mother that she was being taken out of Willow Tree due to some unforunate events that happened there and going back to Peach Tree. I immediatly went of Friday night to see how she was doing. It was worse. They had her in a lift chair tring to get her back into bed. She looked lifeless, but she still smiled at me and held out her hand to me. I helped them get her back into bed, get changed and cleaned up. Mom, dad and I stayed with her until about 9pm. We were all back by her side by 8am Saturday morning.

We put on her favorite music and she tapped her hand to the rythmn of it. She said she was dancing with grandpa. Later that evening she passed away. From there, it was a rather quick week. I had injured my back moving grandma, so I was bedridden for roughly 4 days. Wed. night was her viewing and Thursday morning the funeral. It was simple, but nice.

I will keep fond memories of her with me. She truely was a blessing in my life. I enjoyed going to there house when I was little and going over to the park with their rv. Camping out and playing in the forest of toys there. Feeding the ducks and playing croquet. Haveing family dinners there and playing games. Lots of good memories. I miss her already.

She was ready to go to heaven and dance with my grandpa. I am thankful she wasn't in pain and it went fairly quickly. Grandma's saying was "that's just the way it is". So I wrote this poem for her fits her to a tee.

That's Just The Way It Is
My life is coming to an end
That's just the way it is
Death is finding all my friends
That's just the way it is
I can not walk the way I could
or take care of myself the way I should
But my family still loves me
I know this for sure
That's just the way it is
I'm ready to go there
and dance in the sky
with my husband Stan
and family near by
I've said my goodbyes
to all whom I love
now God can take me
to heaven above
do not be sad
that my being is not there
for I'm well taken care of
with family up here
That's just the way it is.

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  1. You did such a nice job on the poem. I am sure Grandma is very pleased. (((HUGS)))