Friday, January 6, 2012

Bamboo Plant Revival

I inherited this lovely bamboo plant from my grandmother when she passed. You know they are for good luck and lord knows I could use some. lol. Well, I am not good with plants at all. I have NO green thumb. Not even a green pinkie! So I was leery about evening keeping it. But everyone reassured me that Bamboo plants were very hard to kill! Not so! lol. My plant started to turn yellow. So, after discussing it with my mom we decided that it was in a pot that was too small.

As you can see from above, it was getting very sickly. I set out to find a new pot at goodwill and a few other stores. I could not find a oriental one. So, me being the artistic person I am said to myself, "self, you could do one. All you need is some fun paper!" I found some handmade paper in my stash that had some skeleton leaves in it. Very pretty! I decided to tear it up and modge podge it to the glass vase I had chosen. I then tied some green ribbon around it and added some wooden skewers for fun. One of the stems with roots came out during the transplant, so I re-planted that one in the original pot. It will probably die, but it is worth a try! Below is showing the plain vase and the decorated vase.

Wish me luck that they grow! Or maybe I should wish the plant! lol

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  1. Love your coffee cup card; and also read this post about your draecena. You might want to read the following page - it could need a bit of iron from organic fertilizer or soil and don't let your pot be any bigger than the actual bulb. Also no drafts and only slight sun. HTH Linda :)