Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Memory Of

This is a memorial box I made for a friend in a group of mine.  This is her niece.  
She passed away in a car accident.  I also 
made up the poem to go with it.  

It reads:

Angelica’s poem
Sunday, April 22nd 2012

The angels called from heaven
And said they needed you today
They whisked you from the earth
So very quickly that Sunday
They said that you had done
 All that you could do
That your time on earth
Was sadly all through
You didn’t understand
“How could they
 Take you away?
From your family, your friends
 And your children that day?
They were not even grown
No one could take your place
And love them as their own
To kiss their little face”
But the angels simply said
That the love for them was plenty
They have all had so many years with you
More years than twenty
“I haven’t seen them go to prom
Or even kiss another
That is my job here on the earth
To be the best mother”
Do not worry my angel,
They said
You will watch from the heavens,
 Their future ahead
Your family and friends
With smother them with love
And tell them of you
And the heavens above
They will tell of the stories
Of your time here on earth
Of the joy that you gave them
Upon both their births
They will wake every morning
Aware of your love
Of kisses from heaven
From here up above
Do not weep for your children
Or the time you will miss
Just know that all love you
And you will be missed

Karissa Thomas
April 26, 2012  ©

I did not know her at all.  But according to the family
the poem was to the T of her.  They were very pleased with it. 

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