Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fishing with the kids

Yesterday Dad and I went fishing with Brittney and Codey. We had a lot of fun. On the way up to Ellensburg dad did a little trivia with the kids. He was teaching them names of mountains, elevations and about the firing center. He also gave them some history of our family.

We went to three different ponds/lakes yesterday. We were not having any luck at any of them. Until we got to the last one. We were fishing off of the dock. We could see some smaller fish just below us in the water. Codey and Brittney had fun trying to catch them. Codey caught one! He was so proud! I was too.

While we were there, and not having any luck catching a darn thing, except for what Codey caught, a gentleman by the name of Michael came up to us with a trout. A nice looking one at that. He said that as he caught them, he would bring them to us. It was so nice of him.

Michael, as nice as he was, made dad I feel horrible. He kept catching them and we couldn't catch a darn thing. Michael even gave us some of his bait to try, but it didn't work for us either.

Up in Ellensburbg where we were fishing at first, there are geese there. I thought this was very cute, so I snapped a picture of them.

We did have a few mishaps while fishing. Brittney fell in the water trying to cast, dad caught his jeans with the hook and I hooked my finger a few times. But all in all, we had a lot of fun. The kids couldn't wait to go out again.

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