Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is happening now......

Ok, so I am finally getting caught up on all my blogs I have been wanting to post. I am sure I will find more later to do. But this one is just an update on me and my life.
In January I got fired from my job. It was a good thing. At the time I was convinced it was for stupid reasons (which it really was). Things like forgetting to band a patient, telling a patient to go to the ER because they were private pay and telling a patient that we were a full profit hospital. I had quite a few patient and employee complaints also, but I didn't realize this until after I was let go and I asked for copies of all my records from HR.
I took the time to get temporary disability to try and get some problems fixed that I have been having. I did this instead of unemployment because with that I would not have had insurance and I was not able to work anyway do to a weight lifting/pulling restriction.
While applying for disabilty, I had to go through many tests to see if I qualified. One of which was a psych test. In this test, I found out that I was Bi-Polar, not just manic depressive. That is when I realized why I was getting so may complaints at my old job. Little things would trigger me and I would get very mean and rude to people. Then there were other times that I could be nice as could be. In soul searching, I found that I have had this problem most of my life. I figured that was why I had so much trouble working with my mom and copping attitude with her all of the time. Thank goodness she put up with me so long. I just wish we would have diagnosed the problem way back then instead of recently. Things could have been very different for me.
So, I was approved. YEAH! I started getting doctors appointments left and right. One of which was shoulder surgery. I got it scheduled for April, but then I ran into a problem. I had to take out my 401K to live. I was reprimanded by losing my medical coupon and money for the month of April and would have to re-apply in May. So surgery got postponed. In May I re-applied. I had to show proof of where my money went. That wasn't hard, it all went to bills. So I was accepted back on it again. When I called to schedule surgery, May was all filled up. So I had to wait for June. So here we are. My surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, but will it actually happen? I have to get cardiac clearance first and that appointment is on Wed. With my luck I will have to reschedule again.
This week has been miserable for me. Because of the surgery, I am not allowed to take any ibprofen (which I usually take 8 a day) and no pain killers. Now keep in mind I have numerous problems.
Some of which are;
  • fibromaylgia
  • arthritis
  • gerd
  • degenerative disk disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • tendinitis
  • carpal tunnel both wrists
  • tailbone problem
  • peripheral artrial disease
  • sleep apena
  • left shoulder tear
  • right shoulder tear
  • umbilical hernia
  • 2 bulging discs
  • bi-polar/manic depression
  • anxiety
  • chest pain
  • UTI
  • low potassium

Boy is that fun or what?!!!!

I am thankful that I am not as bad off as my sister though. However, I think I am catching up with her and her problems. She just had her 11th foot surgery!

In between sleeping, eating, playing on the computer and sleeping (oh, I said that already), I have been steadily working on my online degree for my AA in Criminal Justice. I also like to spend my time scrapbooking, stamping and playing zoo world on the computer.

My dogs and my family are my life. My dogs are my peace keepers for me. They sooth me and comfort me and make me laugh. I would devistated if I lost either of them or a family member.

I am not a social butterfly. I have few friends. My mother is my best friend and feels like my only friend most of the time. I don't party, smoke, drink or do drugs so I am not hip to be with. So basically I make myself a hermit. But that is ok, even though I get lonely sometimes for the most part I am not.

I am hoping to be able to get lap band surgery some day. I know my mom is terrified of this, but if it works, I feel I will be much happier with myself as a person. My sister had a gastric bypass surgery years ago and I feel that is what has caused all of her problems. But lap band surgery is supposed to be way safer.

This week I am a little stressed. I have to do all of me weeks homework in two days just in case I do get to have the surgery. That way I can rest the rest of the weekend. I want to find the time to take one day and going fishing with my dad. I know I will not be able to do that for a few weeks after the surgery.

I am also trying to get ready for two yardsales. One regular and one stamping/scrapbooking one. As I posted earlier with the blocks, I am trying to get them done and ready for the sale. I don't think I am going to finish. But I will try.

I think that is about it for now. I will post again later, I think. lol

Have a good night everyone! And thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!

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