Monday, September 20, 2010

Time Flies - Doesn't It?

I realize I haven't been on in awhile to blog. I have been so busy it is ridiculous! I have been trying to get ready for my bi-yearly four day crop coming up in October! I am so excited! I love spending four days doing nothing but scrapbooking! I get so much done when I go. This fall retreat is October 7-10th. So I am trying to get organized and ready for that.

Last Tuesday, I had shoulder surgery. I only had to wait 9 months to get it done! I was so thankful I was able to spend the night. The first day did not go so well. I was so sick. I couldn't eat anything and yet everything kept coming up. I was so weak I couldn't even go to the restroom, I had to have porta-potty next to my bed. They finally figured out it was due to the pain medicine they were giving me and took me off of it and gave me pills instead. Miracle! I was 100% better! I was having trouble breathing some, but ignored it. Went home that night and called my mom at 11pm. Deep down I was scared because I wasn't breathing right. I finally told her I wasn't sure why I had called her and it was probably nothing. The next morning I awoke and couldn't breath still. I called her again and said I needed to go the hospital. I wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. We arrived at 9am and left at 8pm.
I wasn't crazy! Woohoo! After numerous tests that were done, they finally came to the conclusion that my diaphragm was paralyzed. So I wasn't getting in air intake on my left side of my chest, giving me the shortness of breath. They were going to have me stay the night and observe me, and they called in the lung specialist. Thank goodness he new what was wrong! He had called my anesthesiologist and asked him about the pain pump in me. Ends up, the connector was paralyzing my diaphragm and once it was taken out, I would breath normally again. The doctor said I could go home and wanted the pain pump to stay in overnight and I could take it out the next day. Once it came out...........walah! I could breath! I was so happy! Shortness of breath is not a fun thing to experience!
Tomorrow will be one week since my surgery and I am doing very well. Yesterday my parents left for Vegas for one week and brought Benji over. So far so good!
Now I am just stressing about all I have to get done for the retreat and oh did I mention the bizarre! Yes! I am doing the Holy Family bizarre this year! So far I have made a few gift items. I made some soups in a jar. I have to make all of my fudges, barks, popcorns and peach vanilla sauce still. Plus my cards I want to get done. The bizarre is November 20th. I feel like time is just flying by me and I am not getting anything done, yet I am. I have so many ideas of things I want to do for the bizarre, I just don't know if I will be able to do them all.
I am taking pre-orders on my baked goods if anyone is interested!
Well, off to start getting organized again! You can only do so much with one arm! lol

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