Friday, July 16, 2010

Just a little update on me

So, since I last wrote, I have found out that I also have;
  • PAD (peripheral atrial disease)
  • Fatty Lung Disease
I am being sent to three new specialist. A gastroenterology, pulmonary, and urologist. I am going to be tested for lung disease, aneurysm and Chron's disease. It just keeps getting better!

On a bright side, I called my insurance and they will pay for a lap-band surgery. All I have to do is pass the paperwork! I am praying I do. Although I am so excited if I can have it done, I am extremely scared at the same time.

I suppose that is it for right now. I have my aneurysm test on Tuesday. Then I can meet with the doctor and see if I passed my cardiac clearance so I can have my shoulder surgery.

I will update again later! I have been working on some wedding cards, might post those a little later.

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